2023 Sponsors

2024 Sponsors


Avid Technology create industry leading solutions for music creation and production. Pro Tools enables students and teachers to record and create music using professional workflows and tools. Sibelius notation software provides students with the ability to create attractive, professional quality scores and get excited about the process of composing music as a whole.
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Music Teachers' Association sponsoring Outstanding School Music Department

The Music Teachers' Association is the largest and longest established association of music teachers in the UK, supporting all who are connected with a school music department.

Our year-round CPD programme of webinars, podcasts, e-bulletins and Ensemble magazine, supported by our Facebook Staffroom and Annual Conference, enables music teachers to connect with each other, share ideas, develop good practice and work together in partnership.

The MTA works with our partner organisations, including ISM,  Music Mark and HMC, to support and advocate for music in schools, inspiring a membership which passionately believes that every child should benefit from outstanding music education.

To join the MTA for only £68 per year, visit www.musicteachers.org

Musicians' Union sponsoring the Francesca Hanley Inspiration Award

The Musicians’ Union represents over 30,000 musicians working in all sectors of the music business, including education, and has fought hard for its members’ rights since 1893. As well as negotiating with all the major employers in the industry, the MU offers a wide range of services, including £10m public liability cover and £1m professional indemnity insurance for teachers and lecturers. A leading voice in campaigns for music education – and actively committed to principles of equality and inclusion – the MU is by far the largest support organisation for musicians who teach. Join for £1 and become part of our growing community.

For more information please visit the MU.org

The Royal Marines Band Service sponsoring Outstanding Musical Initiative

The Royal Marines Band Service is an organisation commonly associated with tradition but are also continuously exploring new concepts in music, production and music education. As one of the world’s most versatile military music organisation and public face of the Naval Service our musicians combine military duties with a professional music career.

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Headline Sponsor

Casio Music UK Headline Sponsor and Outstanding Music Education Resource

CASIO Music UK are delighted to be this year's main sponsor. Following an incredibly difficult year and a half for everyone, Music and the arts have suffered more so than other areas. Casio aims to support education establishments and the private music sector with tailored solutions for every kind of electronic keyboard or digital piano need. We are proud to continue to shine a light on our CASIO Grand Hybrid Piano Teacher Network which is a value-adding social network with a sole aim to support grassroots piano teachers and thus celebrating Music Teachers on March 23rd 2022.
For more information visit www.casio.co.uk


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