Welcome to the Music & Drama Education Awards 2024, in which we celebrate the extraordinary contribution made by professionals, schools, companies, charities and other organisations to the lives of others through the medium of these two key performing arts.

The two sectors which these awards celebrate – performing arts and education – have faced unprecedented challenges in recent years. The people who provide performing arts education in the UK have continued undaunted to produce exceptional work and to support innumerable students of all ages. These awards are an opportunity to recognise and celebrate those achievements.

Our winners are chosen by a prominent panel of expert judges who have the knowledge and expertise to reward the extraordinary talent, projects, organisations and products of this rich and diverse sector.

Nominations are now closed. Please follow the links to nominate yourselves, your colleagues, and the people, projects and companies you believe most worthy of recognition. The winners will be announced at our awards ceremony on 22 February 2024. 

We wish all nominees luck and thank you for the brilliant work you do to nurture the talent of the future and increase engagement with the arts.

Phil Croydon & Hattie Fisk

Editors of Music Teacher and Drama & Theatre magazines
Chairs of the judging panels
Entries are now closed

"Winning the Outstanding Musical Initiative Award means the world to us at Orchestras for All. Since we established in 2011, we’ve worked tirelessly to break down the barriers that young people face to music-making which has only been exaggerated during the pandemic. To gain recognition from colleagues in the sector about our work during the pandemic means so much and will continue to push us forward on our mission – ensuring that every young people has equal and inclusive access to music participation. Thank you for the Music and Drama Education Awards’ acknowledgement of our work. We will share this award with pride with all the young musicians that we work with, and here’s to a much more inclusive future for young people making music!"

Orchestras for All

"We are overwhelmed to have won this award. A drama department is like no other school department and works in a completely unique way that can be quite alien to those on the outside. But this award demonstrates that being 'outstanding' can come in so many forms. For us, this award is testament to the passion, enthusiasm, hours, heart, and soul that has been put into making our department stand out. The award is a recognition that drama education is so much more than teaching a curriculum lesson. It is about how the arts can inspire, engage, and ignite something in a young person, which can be hugely impactful to their future. We want to stamp out the stereotypes around drama and performing arts and want to build an inclusive and encouraging environment to help young people flourish. My school community and drama department are beyond thrilled with this recognition and the award will stand proud in school with the understanding that it means we are making an impact."

Claremont High

"It means so much to us to win this award. As a small initiative that has really grown from the ground up over the past few years, it's been so incredible to have our work recognised by the industry in what is the gold standard for awards within music education! Despite the challenges that COVID has thrown at us, we have weathered the storm and come out stronger. It has given me so much confidence that I'm on the right track with the company, and bolstered my vision of how it could grow into the future."

London Rhymes


Deadline to submit the entries is on Tuesday, 12 September 2023 at 11:59PM.
The 2023 shortlist will be revealed at the end of October 2023.
We will provide any relevant information and updates on our website and social media platforms as the date approaches.
18:30 VIP drinks reception
18:45 Drinks reception
19:30 Dinner
21:15 Awards ceremony
22:30 Networking opportunity
00:00 Carriages

** Please note these timings are subject to change
Please note that entries may be withdrawn prior to the closing date. 

For table and seat bookings at the awards ceremony, written cancellations received on or before January 11th, 2024 will be accepted and a refund of 90% of the booking fee will be provided.
Please note that after this date, refunds will no longer be available.

Please click here to read our terms and conditions in full.
Contact our team via email: awardsteam@markallengroup.com
There is no cost associated with entering the awards.
Yes, although their permission must be obtained and evidence of this shown.
You will be asked to provide contact details of a senior person at the organisation or an individual in question.
The main component of your entry is the 800-word essay document. It is important that all essential information is included in the main body of the entry document section rather than solely in the supporting materials. This ensures that the judges are able to fully evaluate the submission against the established criteria and provide a comprehensive assessment.

Supporting material is optional and may be submitted in addition to the entry document.
It should be used to illustrate/demonstrate what is in the entry document.

Supporting material may include, but is not limited to:
company/school logo
PDF documents
video (can be hyperlinked in the essay document)
Whilst we value and appreciate supporting material that can aid the judges in their evaluation process, we kindly request that such documents be limited to a reasonable amount.
Please note that each file upload field can upload a single file that is worth up to 40MB.
The judges for the Music and Drama Education awards are typically selected from a diverse group of experts and practitioners in the fields of music and drama education. They may include academics, industry professionals, artists, teachers, and administrators with relevant experience and qualifications.
The specific identities of the judges may vary depending on the year and the category of the awards. However, their main role is to evaluate the nominees based on the established criteria and determine the winners of the awards.
Preventing bias in the judging process is crucial to ensure a fair and equitable evaluation of all entries.
The judges must sign an NDA.
Here are some of the strategies we use to minimise bias:
  • Anonymous judging to help eliminate any unconscious bias
  • Diverse judging panel to ensure a broad range of perspectives
  • Clear criteria to help judges assess entries on their merits rather than personal preferences
  • Training and guidance on how to recognise and avoid bias in the judging process
  • Review process to ensure fair and consistent judging
By implementing these strategies, the assessment process is conducted in a fair and objective manner, ensuring that all entries are evaluated on their merits.
The Music and Drama Education Awards 2024 ceremony will take place on Thursday, 22 February 2024 at the London Marriott Hotel, Grosvenor Square.

Table bookings will be available once the shortlist has been announced.
Attending the Music and Drama Education awards can offer several benefits.
Here are a few reasons why your organization or an individual should consider attending:

1. Recognition and Validation: Winning or even being a finalist for an MDE Award can bring significant recognition and prestige to your organization and to you as an individual. This can help you enhance your brand reputation, increase your visibility within the industry and it serves as external confirmation of your achievements and skills in the field of music and drama.

2. Networking Opportunities: The awards ceremony brings together a diverse group of professionals, industry experts, and fellow artists in the music and drama community. Attending the event provides an excellent opportunity to network with like-minded individuals, potential mentors, and industry influencers. Building connections can open doors to new collaborations, exchange ideas, job opportunities, and valuable relationships within the industry.

3. Exposure and Publicity: The Music and Drama Education Awards often attract media attention and coverage. Being a part of the awards ceremony can significantly increase an individual's visibility and exposure to a wider audience, including industry professionals, critics, and potential fans. This exposure can lead to increased opportunities for performances, auditions, and other career-enhancing prospects.

4. Motivation and Inspiration: The anticipation and excitement surrounding the awards can serve as a powerful motivator. Individuals and organisations who participate in the awards ceremony often find renewed inspiration and determination to pursue their artistic passions. Witnessing the talent and creativity of others can ignite fresh ideas and aspirations, further fueling their artistic journey.

Remember, the benefits of attending the Music and Drama Education Awards extend beyond just winning. The experience itself can be valuable, providing opportunities for growth, recognition, and connection within the music and drama community.



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The dress code is black tie attire.